Clean your dirty acoustic ceiling tiles? Or paint and replace?

When your ceiling tiles are dirty, greasy and stained what should you do with them? Should you paint them? This is not really a good solution. Paint will cause a film build and significantly lessen the sound absorbency of acoustic tile. Plus the tile should be cleaned prior to any type of coating being applied in order to avert the “bleed thru” from the dirt that is imbedded in the tile. As is the case with any coating that is applied to any substrate, it needs to be clean, dry and dull for the coating to adhere properly. In the case of vinyl tile, we have seen where an employee of a large grocery chain was asked to paint the tile. The tile was never cleaned first, then after the tile got dirty again (it was in there deli area where they also cook) we were able to remove the surface dirt and grime but the dirt and grime that was under the previous paint job was still there and showed through the paint!  Painting ceiling tiles ruins the special qualities you wanted when they were first installed. Ceiling tiles are designed to be fire resistant and, help abate noise and aid in a room’s luminosity. Painting tiles will ruin these qualities and also cause them to stick to the grid leading to breakage if the tiles ever have to be removed for maintenance of items behind them. Cleaning acoustic and vinyl ceiling tiles is a far better option than painting and can be done for about 1/3 less and in a shorter time. Whatever you do, don’t paint your ceiling tiles.

Should you replace them?  While replacing is a valid option, it may not be the best option, simply due to the cost of replacement, usually $20.00 to $30.00 a tile plus the cost of the tile and the cost of disposal. A very  costly option, also needless to say, the disruption to your operations while replacement is being done. Especially true in older buildings where asbestos and lead paint may be “hiding” behind the ceilng tiles is laying in wait, just “itching” to be let loose in the environment.

While replacing your ceiling is an option, this should only be considered if you have a large number of broken tiles or extreme water damage. Cleaning your ceiling tiles can be done for about 1/3 the price of replacement and in about 1/3 the time. Work is done around your particular schedule, so as not to impact your business operations. Our cleaning process will restore your ceiling to like new condition, while sanitizing and deodorizing at the same time.  Should a section of the ceilng need to be  replaced another restoration technique we offer is Acoustic Recoat which we are happy to explain:

Acoustic Recoat: 1st Acoustic ceiling tiles, and grids are first cleaned.

2nd. Stained areas on tiles to be pre treated to encapsulate stains.

3rd.  Ceiling  area including grids to be restored with an acoustic ceiling tile restorer.

The Process: Upon arrival our trained professionals immediately “tape and drape” the entire room so only the ceiling, not your furniture, walls or carpeting, gets coated. Once the cleaning and coating process is completed the room is cleaned, all plastic and trash removed.  By morning, the only evidence that we were there will be a bright new ceiling.

Tape, Drape & Prep: The Ceiling Pro Cleaners team moves quickly to mask lighting fixtures, smoke detectors and sprinkler heads. Walls, floors and furniture are covered in plastic sheeting and grids and tiles are brushed and pre-cleaned as necessary.

Clean all Tiles, Grids, Air returns and Diffusers: Your ceiling is then cleaned to remove all dirt, odors and all stains will be treated.

Even Coating Application With the room thoroughly cleaned and sealed our coating is applied evenly throughout the room. Our fast-drying coating will cover tiles, grids, returns and diffusers.

Why is this viable alternative better then replacing? You save on being able to reuse and basically recycle large areas of your existing ceiling and the recoat process is applied evenly throughout the entire ceilng thus removing any variations in color.

The recoat product we use is one which is able to be tinted! Our product keeps  the fire retardant and noise absorbency intact. The product improves luminosity as we mentioned earlier all without causing any significant film build at all!

Before replacing your ceiling tiles, look into cleaning first. You will be pleased with the results and the savings.

As we like to say at Ceilng Pro Cleaners:CLEAN AND BE GREEN!”


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